2017/18 Season

Our 2017/18 Robotics season was awesome!

The theme was “Relic Recovery,” and we build a robot (affectionately named “Bob v3.0”) that stacked blocks using a lift system and remove blocks using a claw. This robot could also knock “gems” off the platform during the autonomous portion of the game, using a Home Depot paint stick, and was able to end the game on the “balancing stone” by pushing down on the platform with another paint stick that has a wheel and a motor.

Trial and Error made it to three competitions in the 2017/18 season: the Vicksburg Qualifier, the Jackson Qualifier, and the State Competition. We were the 2nd place Alliance Captain at the Vicksburg Qualifier and received the Connect Award there. We received the Control Award at the Jackson Qualifier.

Check out some photos from our 2017/18 season:


State Competition!


Our robot, “Bob v3.0”



Trial and Error had an Outreach project where we took Bucket Bot to several “Home Depot Kids’ Workshop” Days and taught the kids about FIRST, FTC, and let them drive the robot.