3D Printing Downloads

We’ve been lucky enough to have access to a 3d printer and we wanted to share some of our self designed projects. Below each description is a web address that links to the file’s Thingiverse page. There you will find all of the files, configuration variations, instructions,  and additional pictures.

Rev Battery HolderThis is our REV battery box. It has has a number of mounting options, so it doesn’t matter if you are building with Tetrix, 80/20, or other materials.


Back View with alt mounts.JPG8c5d5d240bcc3b04cddf88f1b5317ea5_preview_featured.jpg





Switch holder composite.jpg

hmm. We can’t quite remember what this one is for… Oh yeah! The O-N/O-F-F discriminator.  It’s a two piece print that allows you to rotate the white ring and change your switch orientation from vertical to horizontal if you wish. Just be aware although we thought it’d be pretty obvious, the robot inspection official will probably still put one of those ‘main power switch’ stickers on your robot!           https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2784577

View with battery.JPGHere’s our Tetrix battery holder. It looks rather plain in the picture, but all you need to do is open up the pre-patterned holes on the bottom and you can mount it to your frame. Then add a velcro strap if you suspect that you could end up with the wrong end up… 🙂  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2784577

Full Model Top View.JPG