Bucket Bot

“Bucket Bot” is a robot we built during the off-season as part of our Outreach program. Its name comes from the way it was specifically built to fit inside of a Home Depot bucket. Bucket Bot has four Omni wheels operated by four motors with beveled gears. It has a servo at the top that lifts the lid off its Home Depot bucket. We have also added a speaker, so that the robot can say “Give me the money” when a button is pressed on the game pad.

Bucket Bot has made several appearances at Home Depot Kids’ Workshop days. The kids who attended these workshops were given the opportunity to drive the robot around. We used this as a chance to teach these children about the different levels of the FIRST program.

Check out a video of Bucket Bot in action!


A de-bucketed Bucket Bot


One of Bucket Bot’s appearances at Home Depot Kids’ Workshop


Bucket Bot making an appearance at a Newk’s Fundraiser night, in costume as a Newks cup.

BucketBot 2

Bucket Bot solidworks design