The Wheel Deal!

We hope that our 2018/19 season robot will be the best we have built yet, but we have identified some materials we will need to help realize that goal. Some help purchasing these materials would be greatly appreciated!

The materials we hope to acquire for this upcoming season are the wheels pictured to the left: a 4-inch Mecanum wheel set.

The Mecanum wheels would allow our robot to move in any direction without turning. These wheels would give us significantly more maneuverability and, as such, would be a major asset in the upcoming season and its competitions.

The normal price for one of these wheel sets is $200, or $50 per wheel. Any individual or organization who sponsors a wheel (or the set) would be recognized on our Facebook page, and by a sticker on our season’s robot.

If you would be interested in helping us in this endeavor, please visit our Contact page

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