Our Flowood qualifier.

On 12/8/18 our team had our first qualifier of the season, It was hosted by the “Nekos” at Hartfield Academy in Flowood MS. It was an event that had many teams in the area coming to compete.

The flowood qualifiers
A photograph of the event

It was a fun event although very chaotic. We won our semi-finals and got to the finals, and we were able to crack the 100 point mark thanks to our alliance partners “Challenge Accepted Robotics.”

Early into the competition, a fire alarm went off (very much spook), so we had to go and stand outside in the cold, wet, rain. After that unfortunate event, everything was gladly resolved, and we had a good experience for the rest of the day.

We were able to meet many other teams such as “Team Tungsten” and “The Techno Turtles.” Overall, we had a great time competing with the other teams, and we even were able to get runner up for the “Inspire Award” and first place for the “Connect Award.”


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