Mega Meetings #4

Today’s the day! The wait is finally over. The epic conclusion to the most revered series of the century…. no, of all time…………………………………….MEGA MEETINGS NUMBER FOUR

The programmers have been working on encoder positions for our lifting mechanism “The Evan”. Once they finished work on that, they worked on programming “The Evan” to raise and lower the robot autonomously. The servo on “The Evan” is thankfully working again after the wiring was fixed. There was also work done on refining crater side sampling.  Everything went swimmingly, except the motor on “The Evan” almost burned out. Eek!

The meeting was busy today! Our booth for state is in the background.

Our builders have been busy at work making and improving a stationary part on “The Evan” that better distributes weight unto the plexi glass on the lander, and supports the back of “The Evan” when lifted.  While programmers were testing “The Evan” the string snapped, and broke our deployment system for our team marker. So builders have been hard at work repairing that.

Now it’s time for the BEST part of the Mega Meeting series. (I’ve really overused that joke, haven’t I?) JOURNALIST STATUS REPORT! Trust me, it’s been busy…
First off I started on collecting information on, and writing this article, and that takes more time then you’d assume. We also have designed, and set up our booth for state competitions (Pictured in above). Us journalists have also worked on designing the outreach posters for state competition. We plan on getting them printed out later next week.

So, it’s over. The most perfect,  holy,  and amazing quadrilogy ever known to man has come to an end. We will continue to regularly update this blog, but it will never be the same without our beloved Mega Meetings. Farewell, it’s truly been a pleasure writing these………. New article coming in a few weeks on the State championships, so be sure to check back then!……. THE END.

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