Carl Hearn and Upcoming Resume Class!

On Thursday, April 14th, members of Trial and Error Robotics were visited by friend of the team, Carl Hearn. Our team is collaborating with Carl, a past chairman of the Vicksburg-Warren Chamber of Commerce, to host an upcoming resume writing class for our team members and members of our community. During his visit, Mr. Hearn discussed with our team members the skills he often sees young people entering the workforce lacking and what opportunities they should take advantage of to gain a leg up on the competition. Additionally, Mr. Hearn gave specific examples as to how FIRST alumni can present the skills they learned in robotics onto a resume, and how the same principals could be applied to similar experiences in other organizations. Alongside his time spent as Chairman of the Vicksburg-Warren chamber of commerce, Carl is currently serving as education chairman and workforce engagement co-chair on the chamber, facilitating interaction between local schools and businesses. This gives Mr. Carl a unique perspective on the issues that young people face as they enter the real world.

For updates regarding our upcoming resume writing class on May 14th with Mr. Hearn, feel free to contact our team at!

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