New Member Spotlight: Keyshan

We at Trial and Error Robotics welcome our newest team member in the form of Keyshan Nixon, a junior at River City Early College. After hearing about the team through our outreach efforts at RCEC, alongside having conversations with friends on the team, Keyshan started coming to meetings and took an interest in the build team. About his previous experience in robotics Keyshan said “My first experience with robotics was coding and 3D printing in a robotics class at Academy of Innovation, but I’ve had little experience since then.” Keyshan has, however, gained experience in welding, carpentry and working with electricity while assisting his father in the home, all of which are easily translatable skills for working on robots. Although his interest lies in design, machining and assembly, Keyshan was also taught some block coding by our programming mentor before making his decision to join the build team. 

We are happy to host Keyshan as a new member of our team. If you hold an interest in robotics, please contact us at for information on how to join our team.

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