Alumni Update: Trevor Robinson

Trevor Robinson is an Alumni of Trial and Error Robotics who participated as a member of the build team during his three years on the team. After graduating in 2021, Trevor translated his experience with 3-D printing and industrial design that he gained on the team into his hobbies and eventually a student internship at Vicksburg’s Engineer Research Development Center (ERDC) where he works in the Concrete Materials Branch of Geotechnical and Structures Lab. Regarding his experience in the FTC Program, Trevor said “On the team I improved my CAD modeling skills and learned how to 3D print, eventually, I got invested enough to get my own 3d printer at home to play with. With that I was able to do the same thing for a paycheck.” In addition to working for the Army Corps of Engineers, Trevor started an online business hosted on Etsy doing custom 3D printing and modeling. 

Trevor considers the attitude of Gracious Professionalism and presentation experience that he gained in FIRST invaluable skills for the workplace, “Learning about Gracious Professionalism prepared me to work with others in a team and Judging sessions prepared me for making presentations in a professional environment. You could have the best product, but people will only understand if you’re able to articulate it well.” Currently a student at Hinds community college, Trevor plans to attend Mississippi State University starting in 2024 to obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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