The game field has been assembled!

  Our field has arrived and is finished—mostly! We assembled our new field in a six hour meeting on Saturday, 22nd of September. Although we did our best to completely assemble it, we forgot to order the tape to go onto the field—doh! Since we moved into the new S.T.E.M center, we gained enough real…


We have started fundraising for the upcoming robot-building season, which is just around the corner. We have lots of things we need to make 2018/19 the best robotics season ever

Solidworks class

We wrapped up our final Solidworks class this past Saturday. Those who attended the class learned Solidworks basics, such as how to create 2-dimensional sketches and models, how to create assemblies, and how to save projects. Here are some pictures from the class:

Fundraising for Game Field

There was some big news in the FTC Robotics world recently! This means that FTC teams will be able to get the field game materials almost as soon as the game is announced. Trial and Error is looking to pre-order this game set and is looking for sponsors. The estimated cost of it is  $450….