The game field has been assembled!


Our field has arrived and is finished—mostly!

Field picture

We assembled our new field in a six hour meeting on Saturday, 22nd of September. Although we did our best to completely assemble it, we forgot to order the tape to go onto the field—doh!

Since we moved into the new S.T.E.M center, we gained enough real estate for our field. Previously, when we where a one room team, having a full field was one of our wildest dreams. Now that we have one, we are sure to sweep the competition!

Builders assembling the lander

Everyone worked on constructing our new field for the first 2 hours, then we took a lunch break. The programmers went to the computer lab and worked on a few different tasks, while the builders worked on the field for a little longer.

Our team is only the second team in Vicksburg to have a field, and we plan to host a open house with some other teams in the area to test the new field .

Now that we have our field mostly completed, we need a robot to test it! More updates will be coming soon!



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