Hinds CC FAB Lab and UAV Trip

This past Friday we made a trip to the FAB Lab and the Hinds Community Airfield to see how what we do can apply to the real world with jobs and real world issues. In our FAB Lab tour, a variety of 3D printers were showcased as well as a laser engraving tool, similar to the one used to make our glass logo we show off at competitions. We were shown the process of setting up an image to be ready for engraving using our logo. 20180813_182234-2With permission, I was able to catch some slow-motion footage of the laser engraving machine in action.Laser Engraver-Slow-Mo

After the FAB Lab we took a trip to the Hinds Airfield in Raymond. At the airfield we took a tour of the UAV department at their hanger. There were many different drones that they work from, ranging form being as small as the palm of our hands to some being half our sizes capable of carrying buckets full of golf balls. One thing we noticed is that the students there work with some of the same motors and servos that we use back at our shop, which makes it easy for our experience with them to translate over to this field of work. We were shown examples of the applications of drones in the work field, like using photogrammetry to create a 3D model of a structure or building with several pictures from the drone. The department is working on another application by using a rescue drone for emergency situations. This rescue drone, called a HiRO,  will be connected to a doctor in an emergency room which will allow them to help victims of disaster while  paramedics are enroute to the scene. Click HERE to watch a YouTube video produced by Hinds about the HiRO doing what they hope it will eventually do.

If you would like more information about the FAB Lab, here’s a link: FAB Lab

For more information about the UAV program, here’s a link for them: Hinds UAV

As always, if you have any questions you can always contact us directly.

fablab shot20180810_104026UAV DeptIMG_597020180409_114054


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