Today we visited …………. Team #8651 Wait for It

20180825_105648.jpgInstead of our regular Saturday meeting, we got go visit 20180825_095145.jpgWait for It at their shop in Pearl Mississippi. They answered a lot of our questions, like how to get away from tetrix parts that utilize the dreaded set screw, thoughts on drivetrains for climbing, how to make parts from different vendors play together, running team meetings, and awards. I feel pretty confident in what they told us about the awards in particular, since they have a wall full of banners and trophies.20180825_093844 crop Of course we also had to do a little guessing about what the game will entail.

It doesn’t take very long to understand why they are as successful as they are. They are extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and have willingness to help any team that asks. They weren’t bragging but mentioned that they once helped a team until 3 a.m. and then both teams arrived for a qualifier at 7 the same morning. If that isn’t what FIRST is all about, I’m not sure what is.20180825_093833crop

Over all we had a blast! We can’t wait until we can get together again, and maybe they’ll get to come see our new digs. But until then I guess we’ll have to……………..Wait for it.

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