Mega Meetings #3

It’s your favorite time of the week again! The day you’ve been waiting for. I know you’ve had sleepless nights because “They haven’t released Mega Meetings three yet!” Well now it’s here………….. MEGA MEETING NUMBER THREE!!

Our programmers have been working on a few tweaks, such as the servo that rotates the phone for more viewing angles. Another team member: Gray has been working on teaching our rookie programmer, how to program “The Evan”. “The Evan” is the mechanism that lifts our robot off of the ground and attaches it to the lander.

A special thanks to McDonald’s and McAlister’s here in Vicksburg for providing lunch! Check them out if you get a chance.

Our build team has been working on the deployment slide for our team marker “larry”, the basket on our mineral intake system, they’ve done a bit of work on the latch of “The Evan”, and finally a “Belly-pan” that protects the wires on the underside of the robot. Wow! What a productive meeting for the builders!

Now it’s finally time for the objectively BEST part of the article.

….WHAT ARE THE JOURNALISTS UP TO???… We’ve mostly been working on a few social media posts here and there, and some brainstorming for our booth at the state competitions. We’ve made a few minor changes to the business plan but nothing too notable. Of course I’ve written a lot of this article at the meeting too.

That concludes Mega Meetings Three! Tune in next time for the SEASON FINALE of Mega Meetings. How will the story end? Will we get all of our goals accomplished in time? Will our team member Katie ever stop injuring herself? Find out next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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