Mega Meetings #2

image0 (8)
Poor quality  photo, but high  quality team!

Hey! you know what time of week it is! Saturday! That means another Mega Meeting™ in preparation for state competition.


Our builders: Katie, Jacob, and Evan have been working on our lifting mechanism “the Evan” (Yes evan worked on “The Evan, Self improvement? I guess.)  “The Evan 2.0” should be done by the end of the meeting.

Our programmers: Ian, Gray, Jack, and Brandon have been cleaning up our autonomous code, and working on sampling game elements, in preparation for the state competitions.

What about us? the journalists? the rare species of FTC robotics? We’ve been working on growing our social media (u/trial.And.Error10191 on Reddit, @ftc10191 on Twitter, trial.and.error.10191 on Insta. Follow us or the journalists will cry) We also wrote a few articles (Including this one), Finally we were able to design our outreach board for the state competition.

image0 (9)
Everyone hard at work! I totally didn’t tell people to look busy for the photo… 

It has been a very productive meeting! And I’d like to issue a special thank you to Cafe Paradiso, and The Gumbo Pot here in Vicksburg. So next time you’re in the area be sure to check both of them out!

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