Finally, Room to move!


After a few months of being in a cramped in one-room, we’ve obtained an additional room for our shop. The new area is 230 square feet, and it will allow more room to work in for our builders.

It’s very spacious compared to our old 195 square foot build area! And it’s a win-win because we can host more team members with our newfound space. Besides, our programmers will really enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Team members Jacob and Reed painting our new room.

After painting the walls, laying rubber tiles, and moving all of our equipment, we are almost ready to start working in the room. However, we still need a few things to be fully functional in our new area.

We need construction materials such as 2×4’s and screws for work tables to use in our space. Our toolbox has gotten to the point that it is overfilled and difficult to find the proper tools in a timely manner. So we would love to have another toolbox . We’ll also need other storage units such as cabinets.

So we would like to ask for support. If anyone is willing to donate construction materials, containers such as a toolbox, or make a financial contribution we would be very grateful.

We would like to personally thank anyone who’s helping us towards our goal. For details on this drive, out team, or information on how to join our team, please contact our coach Cody Goss,

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