With the start of a new season approaching, we’ve decided to elect new team and sub-team captains. This is the first year that we’ve ever had open elections for these positions. For our method of election we used something called “Preferential voting,” this is a system of voting in which the voter ranks candidates in order of preference.

Our nominees for team captain were team members Gray, Shelby, Jacob, and Wesley. For the build team captain, nominees were Shelby, Jacob, and Evan. Finally, programming team captain nominees were Gray, and Ian. Each of the nominees for team captain were asked to give a speech to the team covering the topics of conflict resolution, team decision making, timeline management, and goals for the team

In the end, Gray was elected team captain, Evan was elected build team captain, and Ian was elected programming team captain. This has been a good experience for all of the nominees, and we had a lot of fun having our first team election. Good luck to the new team captains, serve your team well.

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