Midseason review

Hey! it’s been a while, so we decided we should update you guys on how our team’s progress is going.

With the coming of a new game and season, we have all been hard at work preparing for our first qualifier on November 9th. The programming team has already defined our path for the autonomous period of the game, and they’ve made major improvements towards driving & moving, setting up the drivetrain as classes, and using vuphoria as a guiding tool for our robot.

The builders have also been hard at work constructing our gripper and arm to manipulate game elements, our phone mount, and the claws that will move our foundation during the driver period.

We also hope to improve our engineering notebook this year. We have already added sections conveying our code through flowcharts, sections covering purchases the team has made, and a section with sketches and SolidWorks models of our parts. We hope to continue improving and adding to our documents soon.

So overall, this season is shaping up to be a great one, but can we top last year’s season? Stay tuned to find out, on the next article of FTC 10191, Trial and Error Robotics!

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