Ready Or Not Scrimmage

On October 19th, 2019, Trial and Error Robotics attended Wait For It…’s annual “Ready or Not Scrimmage.” For those not familiar with FTC or its events, a scrimmage is similar to an unofficial contest where teams get together and compete just for fun.

unnamed (1).jpg
The scrimmage was hosted by Team #8651 Wait for it… at Richland, MS’s community center. Most of our time spent there consisted of talking to and interacting with other teams as we did not compete in any matches. While there, we also did plenty of work on our robot. Our programmers worked on refining our code, rewiring the robot, and reconfiguring our robot and phone.

Since there was little else for our journalists to do, our journalist members took the time talking to other teams, discussing and showing off our engineering notebook, and giving other teams the opportunity to show off theirs. While our programming team was still hard at work, our build team also did plenty of scouting and showing off our work to other teams.

The scrimmage had unexpected visitors as well!

Overall, we had a great time interacting with other teams, and we can’t wait to come next year! Special thanks to team FTC#8651 Wait For it… for hosting this event.

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