Game Manual part one!

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) has released game manual part one for the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) 2021-2022 game season “Freight Frenzy”. The game manual is, for those unacquainted, a document divided into part one and part two stating the rules and characteristics of the game that we will be playing for the rest of the season. Part one of the game manual is typically released in early July and contains the rules and regulations of the game and competitions, as well as information regarding things like the Engineering Portfolio. Part two however, is released on the date of the season kickoff (September 20th this year) and states the specific objectives of the season’s game (goals, game elements, ETC:). Part one of the game manual will oftentimes include a subtle hint as to an objective or game element. For instance, part one of “Rover Ruckus” included a weight limit, alluding to the fact that robots would have to suspend themselves from a structure. Here at Trial and Error Robotics we will be diligently studying the game manual and we encourage our fellow competitors to do the same!

To read part one of the game manual for Freight Frenzy, view the link below:

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