New mentor: Mark Pollak

Our team has gained the recent addition of US army major Mark Pollack as an adult mentor. Mark, in his fourteen years of service in the army, has been stationed in nine states across the country and has been deployed abroad twice, first serving in Iraq and later in Poland. Currently he is fulfilling his assignment to be one of roughly 20 officers on post here at ERDC where he is aiding the department of public works with the repair of mechanical systems in the facilities on campus.

Before his current assignment here in Vicksburg, Mark was a member of a FIRST team during high-school. After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering, he became a platoon leader for a combat engineer platoon in Riley Texas. Since then he has been serving a fourteen year long career in the armed forces. Moving every two years, he has served in a variety of positions including as an ROTC teacher, mechanical engineer, commander for an airborne engineer company, and more recently as an executive officer for an engineer battalion. 

We’re excited to take on Mr.Mark Pollack as an adult mentor and we look forward to his expertise being put to the benefit of our youth members.

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