First Scrimmage of the Season

On Saturday, November 13th Trial and Error Robotics was granted the opportunity to participate in a scrimmage event hosted by our friends FTC team #8651 “Wait For it” at the MSU Extension Office in Brandon MS. We had a blast competing and collaborating with our friends from teams #13176 Spark-O-Matics, #8781 the Ironclads, #16151 R U Serious, and of course, Team #8651 Wait for it. 

Our team members exchanged ideas with other teams and even exchanged help too. We assisted our friends at team #8781 the Ironclads with their robot’s wiring and the design of their intake system. Team #16151 R U Serious graciously provided their assistance examining and critiquing our code. We would also like to thank the Man, the Myth, the Legend himself, Mannie Lowe, for taking a look at our code and providing suggestions accordingly.

Walking away from this event, we’ve also identified some areas on our robot requiring improvement. Specifically, we plan on making our intake system less bulky and improving the structure of our lifting mechanism to be more stable. Our Programming Captain Gray has also identified some of the issues in the code inhibiting our robot from functioning properly. 

We had a great time at this scrimmage and we’d like to thank  FTC #8651 Wait For it and the MSU Extension Office for having us!

As always, if you’re interested in checking out what our team does please shoot us a message or give our coach a call. The only thing we enjoy more than building robots is telling other people about building robots! 😉

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