New Member Spotlight: Shayne

The following introduction has been written by our new recruit to the team, Shayne Thompson! Shayne is a Sophomore at River City Early College with extensive programming and building experience. Despite this fact, Trial and Error is Shayne’s official introduction to the FIRST program. We look forward to working with Shayne and give him a warm welcome to the team!

Hey, I’m Shayne Thompson. I’m a Sophomore at River City Early College. I have experience in robotics classes at the Academy of Innovation in Vicksburg. In those classes, I learned to block code, build Lego Mindstorm robots, use power tools, design 3-D Models, and operate 3-D Printers and laser cutters. At AOI, I also joined Makers Club. Makers Club was a club that allowed me to use tools and my skills to complete certain projects. I was a “head maker”, which was someone who mastered their skills. In that club, I was the project manager for one of the projects. As a project manager, I managed the team members and their objectives. I made sure everyone stayed on track. I taught myself how to use Lua, HyperText Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and Python. I participated in Junior National Solar Sprint once. My biggest interest is programming but I like everything related to robotics so I can work wherever the team needs me. My first impression of the team was a fast connection related to similar interests. I’ve worked with people like this before, so it’s easy to recognize people like me. Overall, I can’t wait to work with this team. I’m sure we’ll do amazing things together! 

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