Scout Robotics Merit Badge Class!

Trial and Error Robotics hosted a Scouts BSA robotics merit badge class on May 7 to benefit the Scouts in our area. Scouts can earn any one of more than 135 merit badges in skills from bugling to dentistry, and because of our membership’s long involvement with the scouting program, we wanted to give back to the local scouting community by providing them an avenue to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) via the robotics merit badge. Our team boasts 3 eagle scout mentors and 2 eagle scout members, one of these members who led the class, Gray Weaver, is a certified robotics merit badge councilor from his time as an employee at Hood Scout Reservation. His expertise combined with Vicksburg’s troop 102 graciously letting us use their facilities made the class a success. Scouts from 4 different troops in the area attended the class and completed the requirements. These requirements involved building a robot, programming it to perform a specific task, and keeping a miniature “engineering notebook”, a living record of the engineering process that catalogues the designs and challenges that a designer faces. Our coach Mr. Cody, an eagle scout himself, also spoke to scouts about the FIRST program, and how the skills learned within it can be applied to a career in STEM. Overall, the class was a success, and we hope to do more like it in the future.

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