Louis DeMola and ADDiTEC

On October 13th we at Trial and Error Robotics hosted friend of the team Louis DeMola. Louis is a mechanical engineer for ADDiTEC, a company on the cutting edge of multi-laser metal 3D printing technology. Vicksburg’s ERDC (Engineer Research and Development Center) recently purchased ADDiTEC’s MilleBot accessory which modifies the MilleBot, enabling large prints of either plastic or metal materials. Louis was visiting ERDC for a step into the installation process. 

According to their website, ADDiTEC “was founded with the goal to innovate how large metal structures are manufactured.” Their systems use multiple lasers arranged around a central nozzle to print both wire and powder feedstock unidirectionally and create the best material properties for any print. In our conversations with him, Louis mentioned ADDiTEC clients include aerospace and automotive companies, companies in the medical industry, and universities researching the applications of metal 3D printing systems to replace traditional manufacturing.

Louis received a full tour of our team’s facilities, as well as the facilities of the ERDC’s Future Workforce Development Center where we meet. Having only limited prior experience with FIRST when he helped set up for a regional event in Las Vegas, we provided Louis with a basic overview of our team’s operations and how each part relates to the larger FTC league. We would like to thank Louis for visiting us and giving us an opportunity to learn about ADDiTEC and the work that he does!

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