Teen Chaos.

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Today we had special visitors at our shop! Team “Teen Tech #11375”, and team “Organised Chaos #14073.” Wow!


They are sister teams, that share a coach and a building. Team #11375 asked for assistance on their drivetrain, attaching a gripper to their hanging arm, and autonomous. Team #14073 graciously requested help on attaching a slider for their robot’s arm and gripper, and creating a autonomous program.

image1 (2)
Our member Shelby helping the construction of the robots.

We were able to assist them by helping to identify, and prioritise the needs of what they needed to accomplish before their qualiyer.

Our programming mentor was able to teach students, and assist the students in programming their robot.

Then our team member, Shelby, helped assemble, and swap out Teen Tech’s drivetrain.



We had another visitor Dr.Paul (who works here at ERDC). He interviewed  the members of #11375 and #14073 to prepare them for their judging sessions at their next qualifier


As a team we were able to graciously and professionally fulfill their needs for assistance. We wish team “Teen Tech #11375” and team “Organised Chaos #14073” luck at their next qualifier!


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