Tank Drive Train Complete!

During the summer, the team often does small side projects to keep members engaged and inspired. Recently, the team was successful in building a tank drivetrain. The drivetrain consists of First Tech Challenge (FTC) parts, but the control systems within the drivetrain are not FTC regulated.

The drivetrain model is based off the GoBilda Outlaw Tank Chassis. It is controlled by a Taranis FrSky RC controller. This controller has the ability to use small radio frequencies to connect to sensors on the robot that control what the robot can and cannot do. The radio frequency is considered long-range, and it can stretch about one-eighth of a mile. The tank drivetrain was built as a way to bridge the very small gap between what we do on a robotics team to what someone would do when building an RC car.

Our version of the Outlaw Tank Chassis

If you are interested in joining our journey to building a full tank, email us at ftc10191@gmail.com or contact us through our various social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook @trial.and.error.10191). Also, feel free to visit our website Trial And Error Robotics for more information about the team and our activities.

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